EP-TeQ udvider med produkter fra QualityLine

Det israelske firma EP-TeQ har udpeget EP-TeQ som distributør i Norden, Benelux og de baltiske lande (in english).

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QualityLine, based in Israel, has appointed EP-TeQ, Denmark as their distributor in the Nordic, Baltic and Benelux Markets.

- It is a pleasure for us to be chosen to represent the unique tool developed by QualityLine for end-to-end manufacturing control and AI based harmonization of big data and root cause analysis, says Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director at EP-TeQ.

- QualityLine built a very flexible and comprehensive tool based on 30 years of experience from electronics manufacturing, to enable our customers to visualize their already collected Big Data and suggest how to optimize efficiency, yield, quality, DfX and minimize field returns. This new product fits very well with the existing extensive EP-TeQ product portfolio of services, tools and machines.

- We are very happy to have EP-TeQ as a partner since we consider it to be a major contribution to the electronics industry.Their expertise in electronics manufacturing processes and tools makes them a great partner for QualityLine AI Analytics, which is tailored specifically for this sector, adds Eyal Kaufman, CEO at QualityLine.

- For example, every electronic manufacturer has automated testing equipment. The management of these factories are aware of the challenges associated with capturing their data, as well as other equipment, to an analytics solution and the importance of converting that data into actionable insights. Our joint solution for electronics industries will facilitate the integration of real-time manufacturing data into a unified database to increase efficiency and yield for their customers, concludes the CEO. 

EP-TeQ and QualityLine have planned two webinars on 2nd and 23rd of November as Teasers for their presence at both Productronica in Munich and at the TestForum in Gothenburg.

QualityLine AI Advanced analytics solution allows users to convert disparate manufacturing data sources into a unified format for analysis in a short period of time, increasing quality & efficiency by 30% within the first six month of use. The automated software delivers end-to-end control enabled by timely triggers and notifications for users, alerting them of any issues in the manufacturing process. More than 1500 production lines worldwide with countless different data sources have been processed by QualityLine technologyalready.

For further information about QualityLine see under QualityLine

13/10 2021
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