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Automotive-grade interface IC til resistive bridge tryksensorer

Automotive-grade interface IC til resistive bridge tryksensorer

Allegro introducerer sensor interface IC, der tilbyder høj præcision og output-fleksibilitet for resistive bridge tryksensorer (in english).

Allegro MicroSystems, a leader in sensing and power solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, today introduced the A17700, an automotive-grade interface IC for resistive bridge pressure sensors featuring top-of-the-line signal conditioning algorithms.

Built on decades of automotive sensor expertise, the A17700 delivers premium performance and increased system efficiency with flexible interface options – all in a small form factor.
The features include:
- Flexible compensation algorithms for accuracy over temperature and sensing bridge variation.

- Precise pressure information delivery in low delay analog, PWM, or SENT outputs.
- Automotive AEC-Q100 qualification and EMC robustness with minimized external components.
- A suite of advanced integrated system diagnostics.

The A17700 is configurable for resistive bridge pressure sensors in a wide range of critical applications in today’s efficiently designed cars; from high-pressure systems like dynamic brake systems (DBS) in turbo and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or gasoline direct injection (GDI) to medium and low-pressure systems such as brake boosters, HVAC applications for electrified vehicles, and automatic transmission oil management.

High accuracy output with flexible compensation

With its best-in-class integrated polynomial algorithm, the A17700 interface sensor offers high accuracy over pressure and temperature through two-stage processing of a pressure signal. This flexible compensation delivers high accuracy in resistive membranes requiring either high- or low-point characterisation during assembly.

Striking a balance highly desired by system designers, this device offers ways to improve system output and maintain flexibility. With robust EMC performance - up to 4kV HBM - the A17700 also enables up to 30% fewer external components for a smaller total solution footprint, smaller PCB, and more cost-efficient system design.

- The A17700 allows system designers to easily select the optimal algorithm and I/O options that best fit their system requirements, balancing accuracy and end-of-line test times, thereby optimising the system cost, explains Haeyoung Choi, Product Manager for Sensor Interface ICs at Allegro.

- With its small footprint and flexible compensation, the A17700 is the ideal solution for applications where space and efficiency matter, like in today’s electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
22/2 2021
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