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Combo-sensor kan tracke op til 20 forskellige parametre for luftkvaliteten

Combo-sensor kan tracke op til 20 forskellige parametre for luftkvaliteten

Start-up firmaet ScionSense, præsenterer en kompakt sensor, der er i stand til detektere luftkvalitet- og forurening, temperatur samt fugtighed med mere (in english).

The new APC1, launched by ScioSense, is the smallest all-in-one combo sensor that accurately tracks up to 20 air quality parameters, APC1 also detects particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10) as small as 0.3 microns.

It precisely measures particulate matter and aerosols, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. It leverages the most advanced sensor technology to provide an accurate, fully calibrated, maintenance-free solution to air quality monitoring. All that power in a compact, matchbox-shaped size.

This state-of-the-art sensor simplifies the design of environmental sensing applications without compromising on quality. Its key features are:

- Size - 50 x 38x 21mm (smallest form factor)
- Simple - features temperature compensation algorithms to simplify integration at the system level
- Serial interface - up to 20 environmental signal parameters through UART and I2C interfaces
- Standards - complies with rigorous international standards (PMx, eCO2, TVOC, AQI according to UBA)
- Superior – high accuracy over wide temperature and humidity ranges

This new sensor module helps automate professional demand-controlled ventilation as well as
high-volume consumer devices like air cleaners/purifiers, IoT smart meters and thermostats.

ScioSense’s in-house and research-partnership capabilities mean they can customise or create
solutions to meet specific requirements at relatively little extra cost or time, thereby accelerating time to market, minimal overall BOM costs and help set their customer apart from the competition.

Product samples are available on request from ScioSense and authorized distributors.

Click here for more information about the APC1 match-box size combo sensor.

Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, ScioSense is the leading expert and manufacturer of semiconductor-based environmental and flow sensors. Its product portfolio consists of humidity, gas/air quality, temperature, pressure and flow sensors for building automation, home appliances, IoT/wearables/mobiles, automotive and industrial applications.
29/4 2022
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