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Nye banebrydende bevægelses- og aktivitetssensor

Nye banebrydende bevægelses- og aktivitetssensor

I forbindelse med Light & Building 2024 udstillingen lancerer EnOcean en ny forbedret EMDC-serie af energy harvesting baserede bevægelses- og aktivitetssensorer (in english).

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At Light & Building 2024, EnOcean is set to introduce the enhanced EMDC energy harvesting motion and activity sensor family. This cutting-edge device from the pioneer in energy harvesting wireless technology marks a significant leap forward in smart building technology. It allows users to monitor room occupancy, light levels, and people activity through one single, self-powered wireless sensor.

EMDC devices provide essential sensor information for room occupancy, light level, and people activity monitoring all from a single, wireless, and maintenance-free device. This greatly simplifies deployments in smart building applications.

Access to occupancy and ambient light level data enables the automation of lighting systems based on room occupancy and available light. In addition, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition) systems can benefit from the same information to automatically adjust heating, cooling, and air flow based on actual utilization rather than static schedules. This type of smart building automation greatly enhances the energy efficiency without the need for manual intervention.

- The EnOcean EMDC energy-harvesting motion and activity sensor redefines smart building technology. It offers a streamlined solution for monitoring room occupancy, light levels, and people activity. The easy integration of this product with intelligent lighting and HVAC control systems as well as space utilization applications positions this product as a gamechanger for sustainable and smart building applications, emphasizes Matthias Kassner, Vice President Product Marketing at EnOcean.

Maintenance-free sensor for efficient space utilization

Beyond lighting control, the sensor's occupancy data enables streamlined monitoring of workspace and meeting room utilization. Users can easily locate available meeting rooms which saves time and effort on their end. Services such as office or restroom cleaning can be scheduled based on actual utilization instead of fixed schedules. This enhances operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

The latest sensors now also report on people activity by quantifying detected motion events. This feature offers insights into the level of activity and utilization within different building areas, providing a better understanding of space dynamics.

EnOcean has a long history as originator and market leader of wireless energy harvesting sensors that use energy gained from ambient movement, light, and temperature changes. The commitment EnOcean has to sustainability is continued in this latest generation EMDC sensor. The unique combination of energy-harvesting and wireless sensor functionality enables quick installation and maintenance-free operation, making EMDC sensors an ideal solution both for new construction and the upgrade of existing buildings.

16/2 2024
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