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Nyt Arduino sensor-shield til smart home applikationer

Nyt Arduino sensor-shield til smart home applikationer

Infineon lancerer XENSIV sensor-shield til Arduino, der er udstyret med sensorer fra Infineon og Sensirion (in english).

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Infineon Technologies has announced the XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino, a versatile tool designed for evaluating smart sensor systems in smart home and diverse consumer applications.

This innovative shield incorporates a wide range of sensors from Infineon’s portfolio along with Sensirion’s SHT35 humidity and temperature sensor which streamlines its capabilities and enhances the design journey of Infineon’s customers.

This shield empowers design engineers to evaluate, prototype and develop sensor-based applications faster by fully leveraging Infineon microcontrollers, wireless connectivity and security chips. As a result, it serves as an exceptional platform for enabling accelerated innovation in sensor powered solutions.

- We are very pleased to be teaming up with Sensirion. Together we can expand our product range and ease the work of application designer, says Philipp von Schierstädt, EVP & CSO Consumer, Computing & Communication at Infineon.

With the new shield customers addressing smart home applications such as HVAC will have the opportunity to develop within Infineon's ecosystem and gain access to additional sensors beyond the company’s consumer sensor portfolio of microphones, pressure sensors, CO 2 and radar sensors.

The XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino enables seamless hardware interoperability between multiple Infineon MCUs and sensors as a fully integrated development platform. The featured sensors include XENSIV 60 GHz Radar, PAS CO2, Pressure, PDM Microphones, IMU accelerometer and the Sensirion SHT35 humidity and temperature sensor. The shield seamlessly integrates with Infineon’s microcontroller kits and provides convenient access via an Arduino Uno connector.

As part of Infineon’s ongoing commitment to deliver comprehensive system solutions, the shield is specifically designed and optimized to work with targeted MCUs in the Infineon lineup such as PSoC 6, AIROC Bluetooth SoCs and Wi-Fi MCUs.

To further accelerate time-to-market and improve the customer experience while working within Infineon’s ecosystem, the XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino is fully enabled to work with Infineon's ModusToolbox software development platform for simplified software integration.

ModusToolbox provides a comprehensive development environment: a unified platform with all tools and resources needed for embedded system development. Included code generation and configuration wizards automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex configurations. The ModusToolbox development ecosystem is designed to scale with project requirements and adapt to changing needs, providing developers with essential libraries and code examples necessary for rapidly prototyping a variety of applications.

Designers can also leverage the sensors of the XENSIV Sensor Shield for Arduino in Machine Learning use cases, utilizing Infineon microcontrollers, ModusToolbox and Imagimob Machine Learning together with Infineon’s broad sensor capabilities and Sensirion’s temperature and humidity sensor.

15/4 2024
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