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Texas Instruments lancerer nye strømfølesensorer og shunt-løsninger

Texas Instruments lancerer nye strømfølesensorer og shunt-løsninger

Texas Instruments simplificerer strømføling med nye ultrapræcise Hall-effekt sensorer og integrerede shunt-løsninger (in english).

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Texas Instruments has debuted new current sensors to help engineers simplify their designs while improving accuracy. Designed for a broad range of common-mode voltages and temperatures, the new products include a lowest-drift isolated Hall-effect current sensor for high-voltage systems and a portfolio of current shunt monitors that eliminate the need for an external shunt resistor for nonisolated voltage rails.

The new TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor offers design simplicity and accuracy for high-voltage systems, featuring the industry’s highest reinforced isolation and highest accuracy over lifetime and temperature. For nonisolated systems up to 85 V and 75 ARMS, TI’s new EZShunt portfolio includes the industry’s smallest fully integrated current shunt monitor and the industry’s highest-accuracy 75-A integrated shunt solution.

- When choosing a current-sensing solution, design engineers weigh the trade-offs of four key factors: cost, size, accuracy and speed, says Jason Cole, business unit manager.

- These new products highlight how the breadth of our sensing technologies address this design challenge for a variety of systems. Take the TMCS1123, for example; its high accuracy and low propagation delay enable designers to now use Hall-effect sensors in high-voltage systems where they couldn’t before – and that opens the door to reduce system cost and size.

Achieve fast, accurate control in high-voltage systems with Hall-effect current sensors
The need for highly accurate current measurements in high-voltage systems such as electric vehicle chargers and solar inverters is growing, but Hall-effect current sensors have typically been overlooked given their high drift over lifetime.

The TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor features the highest reinforced isolation working voltage of 1,100 VDC. The TMCS1123 also features a maximum sensitivity error of +/- 0.75% with 50 ppm/°C drift over temperature and +/- 0.5% drift over lifetime. With this high accuracy, the TMCS1123 enables designers to optimize system performance while simplifying design. The high precision and stability over lifetime remove the need to recalibrate equipment, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance.

In addition, achieving precise control of power conversion is paramount for optimizing system efficiency and protection. The TMCS1123 features low propagation delay of 600 ns and bandwidth of 250 kHz, which enable faster control loops while keeping noise low to help increase system efficiency. 

Simplify and reduce system size with EZShunt technology

TI’s new EZShunt portfolio of current-sensing solutions simplifies designs by removing the need for an external shunt resistor. The portfolio provides a fully integrated current-sensing solution that fits within the footprint of a 1206 shunt resistor, offering the value of a discrete solution with the simplicity of a single chip.

The EZShunt portfolio offers both cost-optimized and high-accuracy options, featuring drift as low as 25 ppm/°C, in a variety of packages and shunt values. The INA700 is the industry’s smallest integrated current shunt monitor, enabling engineers to reduce the size of their current-sensing solution by as much as 84%. The portfolio also includes the INA781, the industry’s highest-accuracy 75-A integrated shunt solution, which supports common-mode voltages up to 85 V.

TI’s new Hall-effect and EZShunt current-sensing solutions build on the company’s commitment to helping engineers sense the world more accurately.

Preproduction quantities of the TMCS1123 Hall-effect current sensor are available now, only on, in a 10.3-mm-by-10.3-mm, 10-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package. Pricing starts at US$2.37 in 1,000-unit quantities. Designers can purchase the TMCS1123EVM for US$49.99. Multiple payment and shipping options are available on Higher bandwidth and automotive-qualified versions of the TMCS1123 are expected to be available in fourth quarter of 2023 and second quarter of 2024, respectively.

Preproduction quantities of EZShunt products are available now, only on, in a variety of package options as small as 1.319-mm x 1.239-mm. Pricing starts at US$0.80. Designers can purchase evaluation modules starting at US$49.99. Multiple payment and shipping options are available on Analog and automotive versions of EZShunt products are expected to be available in second quarter of 2024.

23/8 2023
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