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Unik platform til blodtryksmåling med class II-præcision til bl.a. smartphones og wearables

Unik platform til blodtryksmåling med class II-præcision til bl.a. smartphones og wearables

Maxim lancerer komplet referencedesign, der baner vejen for optisk-baseret blodtryks-monitorering uden brug af pladskrævende og dyre mekaniske manchetter. Målingen foregår med et simpelt fingeraftryk over en periode på fra 30 til 45 sekunder (in english).

Until now, accurate blood-pressure monitoring could only be achieved with bulky and mechanical cuff-based medical devices. Maxim Integrated Products has now introduced a solid-state blood-pressure monitoring solution to more conveniently track this critical health indicator. Design engineers can develop blood-pressure trending solutions with the new referencedesign (MAXREFDES220#).  

Comprised of a complete integrated optical sensor module, a microcontroller sensor hub and a sensing algorithm, the optical blood-pressure trending solution can be embedded into smartphones or wearables. It enables users to place their finger on a device for 30-45 seconds while resting to measure blood pressure anywhere and anytime. The reference design includes the MAX30101 or MAX30102 high-sensitivity optical sensor, as well as the MAX32664D sensor hub IC with built-in algorithms.

The MAX30101 (using three LEDs) and MAX30102 (using two LEDs) pulse-oximeter and heart-rate optical sensor modules combine photodetectors, LEDs and analog front-end (AFE) electronics with an integrated cover glass. This integrated optical design and lenses-on-top approach enables optimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for a small, lower cost and power-efficient module. It comes in a tiny 5.6mm x 3.3mm 14-pin optical package with an I 2C interface to the sensor hub IC.

The MAX32664D sensor hub IC includes firmware which controls the sensor and executes the algorithms which measure cuffless blood pressure, heart rate and blood-oxygen levels. Its ultra-small size (1.6mm x 1.6mm) can easily fit into small devices to seamlessly and effortlessly connect to a device's host microcontroller.

The referencedesign provides industry-best accuracy that meets Class-II regulatory limits. For example, under resting-only measurement conditions, the solution provides the following accuracies:

Systolic Error: Mean = 1.7mmHg, Std Dev = 7.4mmHg
Diastolic Error: Mean = 0.1mmHg, Std Dev = 7.6mmHg

For reference, Class-II regulatory limits are (Mean Error) less or equal to 5 mmHg, and Std Dev less or equal to 8mmHg

This solution requires calibration every four weeks to maintain above accuracies. This is based on independent testing and a limited number of subjects at resting condition.

- Blood pressure is a key vital sign, but has traditionally been difficult to monitor conveniently and accurately. Maxim now provides a combination of products in a compact reference design which allows system designers to build highly accurate-and based on our patient testing, the most accurate-blood-pressure monitors that do not require cuffs, says Kris Ardis, executive director in the Micros, Security and Software Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. 

25/11 2019
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