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Farnell kan nu levere den nye Tektronix 2 Series af MSO'er

Farnell kan nu levere den nye Tektronix 2 Series af MSO'er

Tektronix har netop præsenteret den nye 2 Series af mixed-signal oscilloskoper, der allerede nu er på lager til levering hos Farnell (in english).

Farnell is, is now shipping the new Tektronix 2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (2 Series MSO). This next-generation instrument is a major advancement in test and measurement performance, versatility and portability, enabling engineers to detect and resolve problems seamlessly in the lab and the field.

The Tektronix 2 Series MSO is a truly innovative, new product built by engineers, for engineers, and is suitable for embedded design, industrial, automotive and power electronics applications.

Designed for ease of use, the 2 Series MSO and features the same award-winning interface included in higher performance Tektronix oscilloscopes, such as the 4, 5 and 6 Series. New and experienced users can now enjoy rapid access to all the measurements and settings needed to carry out intuitive debugging and critical signal validation faster than ever before.

With many engineers and technicians working in a variety of locations, and now hybrid working a common practice, the ability to have highly performant test equipment on which teams can work collaboratively is a must have. The 2 Series MSO contains natively integrated software tools to allow engineers to collaborate, troubleshoot and debug across time zones. It also includes TekDrive, a test and measurement workspace in the cloud where engineers can upload, store, organise and share data from a connected device.

The sleek, lightweight design and high resolution 10.1-inch touchscreen display revolutionises the way engineers work. The capabilities of the optional 50 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator and built-in pattern generator, voltmeter and frequency counter provide greater versatility in a single unit while reducing the need for users to purchase or carry multiple instruments. At just 38mm thin and weighing only 1.8kg, it is the industry’s first entry-level scope that will fit into a laptop bag.

Key features of the 2 Series MSO includes:
- Bandwidths from 70 MHz-500 MHz
- Two or four analog channel inputs
- 16 digital channels (available with future software release)
- 2.5 GS/s sample rate
- Optional 50 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
- Built-in pattern generator, voltmeter, and frequency counter
- Optional battery provides up to eight hours of power

Tektronix offers options to extend the warranty of the 2 Series MSO from one to three or five years and offers a discounted Total Product Protection service plan when purchased with the oscilloscope.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools & Production Supplies at Farnell explains:
- We are pleased to help bring-to-market the next generation in oscilloscopes from Tektronix. The 2 Series MSO will be welcomed by designers, service technicians and students who will all appreciate this high performance, versatile and portable oscilloscope. With the 2 Series MSO, engineers will be able to achieve new workflows previously unimagined on an oscilloscope.
17/6 2022