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Nu bliver det lettere at implementere CAN-XL teknologi

Nu bliver det lettere at implementere CAN-XL teknologi

Tektronix understøtter nu trigger- og søge-support for CAN XL protokollen, der bl.a. retter sig mod hurtiglader applikationer i intelligente transportnetværk (in english).

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Tektronix has announced the release of the Tektronix CAN XL (Controller Area Network Extended Length) protocol decoder, enabling engineers incorporating the latest generation of CAN communications, and helping Tektronix customers compete in today’s fast-changing technology landscape.

With the ability to decode signals representing data packets transmitted using CAN XL frames in a CAN network, the Tektronix CAN XL protocol decoder runs on today’s 4, 5, 6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes and also offers critical features such as error detection, analysis and debugging of timing and protocol headers. Tektronix is accelerating CAN XL design and debug workflows with this release, and the intuitive user interface on 4, 5, and 6 Series MSOs helps accelerate CAN XL workflows for the company’s growing number of transportation customers.

CAN XL is the latest innovation in the CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol family, developed and standardized by the CAN in Automation (CiA) consortium, of which Tektronix is a member. The new standard allows mixed message types - Ethernet tunneling and traditional signal-based CAN – at faster data rates of 20 Mb/s. These transmission types and rates are required to handle increasing amounts of sensor data, enabling advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features and paving the way for the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV).

- The Tektronix CAN XL protocol decoder is a powerful tool that showcases the Tektronix commitment to innovation and meeting our customers' needs in the automotive, industrial automation segments, and beyond, says Subhasis Bera, Business Manager, Protocols and Software Platform.

Support for the new CAN XL frame structure is included in the Automotive Bus Decode and Analysis (SRAUTO) software package available for Tektronix 4, 5 and 6 Series MSO oscilloscopes. Customers who already have the SRAUTO package can update it adding the ability to decode CAN XL data packets, not only displaying normal data, but clearly indicating CRC errors, missing ACKs, and XL form errors.

The package includes the ability to trigger on CAN XL Start of Frame and End of Frame, as well as search through acquired signals to find specific CAN XL packets. The package also decodes CAN and CAN FD decoding, supporting mixed mode networks. The presentation of decoded packets is possible in both a waveform view and in a formatted, timestamped table.

The Tektronix CAN XL protocol decoder is now available globally, as part of the SRAUTO option, or as a firmware update for instruments with an active license for the SRAUTO software package. It is also available as part of application software bundles for automotive and serial bus support. 

25/3 2024

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