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SmartViser og Anritsu samarbejder om Energy Labelling test

SmartViser og Anritsu samarbejder om Energy Labelling test

SmartViser og Anritsu indgår partnerskab om test af smartphones og tablets og lignende med sigte på eksisterende Energy Labelling regulativer (in english).

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Two industry leaders, SmartViser and Anritsu, have joined forces to usher in a new era of mobile device testing for the energy labelling regulation. This strategic partnership leverages SmartViser's expertise in test automation and Anritsu's cutting-edge testing solutions to deliver comprehensive, efficient, and innovative testing solutions for the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem.

The integration of SmartViser's automated testing solutions with Anritsu's advanced test solution creates a synergistic approach to smartphones and Tablets Testing for the EU Energy labelling regulation, providing manufacturers and service providers with a comprehensive suite of tools. This collaboration aims to streamline testing processes, accelerate time-to-market for new devices, and enhance the overall user experience.

The EU Regulation of Energy Labelling for smartphones and Tablets was published in the Original Journal of EU on the 20th of September 2023 and after 21 months of transition period will become mandatory on the 20th of June 2025.

Jonathan Borrill, CTO for Anritsu T&M, explains:

- We are proud to inform partnership with SmartViser and contribute to smart energy initiatives towards a decarbonized society. Combining SmartViser's innovative solutions with Anritsu communications technology will bring revolutionary and a major step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Commenting on the partnership, Gilles Ricordel CEO of SmartViser says:

- We are thrilled to collaborate with Anritsu, a renowned name in the testing and measurement industry. This partnership represents a significant leap forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge testing solutions for the rapidly evolving mobile landscape. By combining our automation expertise with Anritsu's industry-leading technology, we are empowering our customers to deliver products and services in the market that exceed consumer expectations.

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