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Ultrakompakt tester til 5G mobile netværk

Ultrakompakt tester til 5G mobile netværk

Anritsu præsenterer firmware-opgradering til Network Master Pro MT1000A, der ifølge firmaet gør den til verdens hidtil mest kompakte tester til brug i forbindelse med installation og måling i 5G mobile netværk (in english).

Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative test and measurement solutions for advanced and converged networks, are pleased to announce that the latest firmware release for the Network Master Pro MT1000A now make it the world’s smallest-in-class handheld tester supporting 100 Gbps with eCPRI/RoE and high-accuracy delay measurement functions.

The upgraded MT1000A with strengthened functions for 5G mobile networks will support the measurement needs of mobile operators and network installation companies, and help with the early and easy deployment of high-speed networks.

5G communications networks supporting various advanced requirements, such as ultra-fast speeds, very high reliability and low latency as well as multiple simultaneous connections, are now being investigated. As a result of this, not only are new wireless technologies such as beamforming and mmWave being adopted, but there are also new wired network architectures being deployed. For example, the CPRI base station interface deployed since the 3G era is being extended to Ethernet-based eCPRI/RoE.

However, since Ethernet is a best-effort technology, network latency times demand very strict management, while 5G requires many more base stations because it uses high frequency radio bands such as mmWave that do not propagate over long distances and each base station is synchronized using PTP technology.

The newly announced MT1000A eCPRI/RoE and high-accuracy delay measurement functions are critical technologies for measuring throughput and latency and performing high-accuracy time synchronization tests during the Installation and Maintenance (I&M) of 5G mobile networks carrying eCPRI/RoE traffic.

Anritsu’s MT1000A has a proven track record as a reliable tester for 10G, 25G, and 100G Metro, Access and Mobile networks and this new firmware update adding support for eCPRI/RoE traffic with high-accuracy latency measurements has been developed as an effective solution to meet future measurement requirements.

The Network Master Pro MT1000A is a portable handheld tester for evaluating the transmission quality of different communications networks operating at speeds from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. In addition to supporting RFC2544, Y.1564 and many other network evaluation test standards, it also supports Sync-E and IEEE 1588v2 tests. When combined with the optional High-Performance GPS Disciplined Oscillator MU100090A, it offers support for time synchronization tests based on GPS time data as well as high-accuracy one-way latency measurements between two remote MT1000A units.
15/5 2018
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