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Cellular gateway til 'off-road' applikationer

Cellular gateway til 'off-road' applikationer

Kontrons nye EvoTRAC G102 gateway tilbyder cellular konnektivitet til den næste generation af in-vehicle systemer, der skal kunne fungere under 'off-road' anvendelseskonditioner (in english).

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Kontron has introduced the EvoTRAC G102 In-Vehicle Rugged Cellular Gateway for on and off-road vehicle use. The EvoTRAC G102 is a flexible open-architecture building block platform engineered to help developers accelerate application-specific innovation.

Already proven in multiple intelligent truck and trailer management applications, the EvoTRAC G102 is designed to give operators the actionable information needed to keep drivers safe, lower fuel consumption, and effectively manage maintenance costs.

The EvoTRAC G102 extends Kontron's leading line of products for smart cities and connected transportation. Time-tested and proven in more than a quarter million deployments, Kontron's wide range of standard and easy-to-customize certified computers are purposely designed to meet and exceed the transportation industry's growing list of application-specific requirements. Plus, Kontron's cutting-edge embedded in-vehicle platforms feature the latest processor architectures, low power operation, secure connectivity, which are all certified to strict standards.

For the highest reliability in extreme on and off-road environmental conditions, the EvoTRAC G102 Gateway is based on 4th generation Intel Atom processors (quad core@1.91 GHz) on Kontron's hardened Type 6 COM Express COMe E3845 CPU module.

It employs a ruggedized Carrier Board and is packaged in a natural convection, sealed IP67 enclosure. Compact, this small form-factor computer subsystem integrates Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and a single CAN bus interface that supports 2.0 A and B, two USB 2.0 interfaces, and 3G/4G LTE Modem with GPS and remote out antenna for cellular wireless connectivity.

The unit comes with an embedded 64 GB MLC eMMC for onboard storage, a 3G/4G modem with GPS for wireless connectivity and a spare mSATA slot for additional storage. Designed for ultra-rugged operation, the G102 Server has been tested for use under extreme temperature (-40° C to +80° C) and other demanding environmental conditions (shock, vibration, humidity, salt, fog). The sealed chassis ensures protection from water and dust ingress, as well as CISPR25 emissions and ISO 11452-2 susceptibility.

- All types of vehicles for agriculture, mining, construction, material transport, emergency services and heavy earth moving can be made smarter and, thus, more productive with advanced computing platforms like the EvoTRAC(TM) G102, says RJ Mclaren, Systems Product Manager at Kontron.

- Developers need an open-architecture building block approach with broad I/O capabilities to facilitate in-vehicle innovations that result in not just connected vehicles, but connected cities and networks that improve efficiency, maximize long-term reliability, enable cost management improvements and enhance customer satisfaction.
30/4 2018