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CEVA i succefuld test af NB-IoT silicium i Vodafone's netværk i Tyskland

CEVA i succefuld test af NB-IoT silicium i Vodafone's netværk i Tyskland

CEVA annoncerer, at firmaet med succes har gennemført felttest i Vodafone's åbenfelts laboratorium med firmaets CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 silicium til brug i Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) applikationer (in english).

CEVA has successfully completed the first test trials of its CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 silicon at Vodafone’s IoT Future Lab in Düsseldorf, Germany. Using Vodafone’s open lab facilities which provide a realistic end-to-end live environment of the Narrowband-IoT technology, CEVA connected to the Vodafone NB-IoT network and demonstrated end-to-end IP connectivity with its CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 test chip running a 3GPP NB-IoT Rel.14 compliant software stack.

Michael Boukaya, vice president and general manager of the wireless business unit at CEVA, explains:

- This major milestone is yet another key achievement in CEVA’s long-term commitment to the massive NB-IoT revolution by enabling new IC players with a fast time-to-market, low risk, low bill-of-materials IP solution that is pre-qualified with tier 1 mobile operators.

The CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 IP solution is a modular technology, composed of the CEVA-X1 IoT processor, an integrated RF Transceiver, baseband, and a protocol stack to offer a complete Release 14 Cat-NB2 modem IP solution that significantly reduces time-to-market and lowers entry barriers.

It is a fully software-configurable solution and can be extended with multi-constellation GNSS and sensor fusion functionality. The IP includes a reference silicon of the complete modem design, including an embedded CMOS RF transceiver and PA, an advanced digital front-end, physical layer firmware, and a protocol stack (MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, and NAS).

The Vodafone IoT Future Lab, located in Vodafone Innovation Park, Düsseldorf, Germany, provides an end-to-end environment for the latest Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWA) technologies in the 3GPP standard: Narrowband-IoT. It incorporates network equipment from three of the most important vendors, and allows for a variety of dedicated test scenarios, e.g. battery consumption measurements under different coverage scenarios.
8/3 2019
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