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LoRa udviklingskit med et bredt udvalg af passive komponenter

LoRa udviklingskit med et bredt udvalg af passive komponenter

Raltron Electronics lancerer LoRa udviklingskit med mere end 60 forskellige passive komponenter, der kan simplificere udviklingen af IoT-devices med integreret LoRa kommunikation (in english).

Raltron Electronics, a global leader in high performance frequency management products, has launched the industry’s first passive component LoRa Development Kit to ease IoT design projects. The development kit features five different product families with a total of 60 high-performance passive components, including crystals, filters and antennas, commonly used in product development based on the LoRa protocol. The development kit includes components that facilitate IoT device development and meet LoRa protocol requirements in Asia, Europe and North America.

The passive component LoRA development kit includes high performance passive components designed to work with popular LoRa ICs from Semtech, Microchip and STMicro. These components have been specifically chosen to speed design for use in multiple markets based on available license-free radio bands.

The LoRa Develoment Kit includes three different sized 32.000 MHz crystals that fully meet the frequency, thermal and performance requirements of the LoRa protocol. The kit also has 32 MHz and 52 MHz temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO). The crystals offer low-G sensitivity compatibility with LoRa standard requirements, and can be used for applications subjected to harsh environmental conditions such as acceleration forces.

To meet different regional LoRa performance requirements, the LoRa Development Kit contains 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz SAW filters as well as three different size stub antennas in the same frequencies. This is important as Asia, Europe and North America utilize different frequency bands for LoRa.

In addition, the development kit offers 868 MHz and 915 MHz ceramic filters. The kit also has a memory stick with product specifications for each component.

- LoRa is one of the fastest growing Internet of Things protocols and is quickly becoming the de facto technology for LPWAN connectivity. Designed for long range, low power Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, LoRa enables a wide range of use cases like smart cities, buildings, agriculture, industrial and more, says Ross Weiss, VP Sales and Marketing at Raltron.

- Our LoRa Development Kit makes IoT device design and implementation easier than ever, no matter what market or region the product will be sold into.
1/4 2019
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