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LTE Cat M1 og NB-IoT moduler med global dækning

LTE Cat M1 og NB-IoT moduler med global dækning

u-blox annoncerer, at firmaets LTE Cat M1 og NB-IoT moduler med globalt dækning nu er kommercielt tilgængelige (in english).

u-blox has announced the commercial launch of its SARA R410M 02B LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT module with global coverage. SARA R410M-02B utilizes a multiband RF front-end solution to enable up to sixteen LTE bands within a single hardware version, which can vastly simplify diverse deployments worldwide and provide enormous operational efficiencies.

SARA R410M 02B also offers notable software-based configuration advantages within a single version of firmware. LTE bands can be enabled or disabled based on changing criteria such as the establishment of roaming agreements among operators.

The flexibility extends further through system selection of the radio access technology (RAT) as either a single or preferred connection. The approved operator profiles for AT&T, Verizon, and Telstra are all included as pre-existing and selectable within software. The module has regulatory certification approvals in Taiwan (NCC) and EMEA (RED) broadening the global commercial reach.

- What this provides in terms of direct benefit and advantage is the ability to defer configuration decisions to ‘zero-hour’. Be it at the end device’s point-of-manufacturing, point-of-installation or even perpetually in the future, configuration decisions can be made with SARA R410M 02B for LTE band applicability, the selection of the desired operator, and/or for the preferred LTE radio interface, explains Patty Felts, Principal Product Manager, Product Center Cellular at u-blox.

SARA R410M 02B targets long life, low-maintenance, cost-sensitive, lower-power consumption, extended battery life applications such as smart buildings, people and asset tracking, agricultural monitoring, connected health, usage-based insurance, smart cities and smart meters.
7/5 2018
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