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NeoCortec udvider gateway software med nyt management-værktøj

NeoCortec udvider gateway software med nyt management-værktøj

Den danske leverandører af mesh-netværksløsninger, NeoCortec, udvider firmaets NeoMesh gateway software med nyt management-værktøj, der kan monitorere eksisterende NeoMesh netværk og evt. trigge alarmer (in english).

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NeoCortec, the manufacturer of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules with headquarter in Denmark, has extended its NeoGateway software with a new network management tool. The network management tool automatically monitors the health of the deployed NeoMesh wireless sensor networks.

It regularly checks parameters such as network integrity, routing paths, as well as battery level and node temperature. If preset limits are exceeded, the monitoring tool will automatically trigger an alarm, so the problem can be checked and solved.

Thomas Steen Halkier, CEO of NeoCortec explains:

- Our NeoMesh technology allows customers to build large scale wireless sensor and actuator networks, which can operate on small batteries for many years. Therefore stability and durability of the networks are important parameters and the maintenance of deployed networks should be seamless, so the network monitoring tool is a great addition to our NeoGateway software.

In addition to the network monitoring tool, a network visualizing tool has been added. This tool helps network installers to visualize how the network has formed, and to easily and quickly identify any week points in the installation. The network visualizing tool is designed to run on any operating system. It will connect to gateways either on the local network, or through a cloud based relay.

NeoGateway is an open source software solution intended to run on any Linux based gateway. It runs and manages NeoCortec’s NeoMesh based wireless sensor networks.

For further information about NeoCortec’s network management tool click here.

NeoCortec was founded in 2007 with the aim of developing and patenting several innovations related to Wireless Sensor Networks. Today, NeoCortec is a supplier of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network modules. NeoCortec is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is owned by the Danish Private Capital Fund HP Holding A/S.

22/5 2023