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Nye whitepapers om trådløse batteriforsynede sensornetværk

Nye whitepapers om trådløse batteriforsynede sensornetværk

Danske NeoCortec, der bl.a. tilbyder radiomoduler baseret på firmaets egen NeoMesh protokol, har udarbejdet to nye whitepapes, der med forskellige tilgange beskriver udfordringerne i forbindelse med opbygning af batteriforsynede sensornetværk.

Many engineers consider the world of low power wireless connectivity to be black magic.
To guide development engineers and design consultancies in choosing the right wireless connectivity solution for the application they are about to build, two whitepapers are now available, published by Danish developer of wireless sensor connectivity NeoCortec.

Often the wireless network or backbone in a given product is considered secondary to the overall functionality of the entire system. But nevertheless, it is crucial to the functionality of the system, so it is important to make the right choices when developing the connectivity needed for a specific application.

The two NeoCortec whitepapers focus on areas crucial to wireless low power networking: Reliability and Power Consumption.

The 'Reliable Wireless Connectivity For IoT And Sensor Devices' whitepaper:
- When designing products relying on wireless communication, reliability of the communication link is important. There are many factors influencing the quality of the link, and thereby the likelihood for successful delivery of payload data. The whitepaper provides details into the parameters to consider when selecting wireless technologies from a reliability point of view, and how to achieve cable-like reliability in a wireless connectivity solution.

The 'Low Power Wireless Connectivity For IoT And Sensor Devices whitepaper:
- Low power wireless connectivity is an important building block to achieve the ambitious goals set forth for the Internet of Things or the Industrial IoT, but also for traditional Sensor (Network) applications. This white paper explains how NeoCortec achieves true low power in a wireless connectivity solution, and what pitfalls to watch out for when selecting a wireless technology for a battery powered product.

To download the whitepapers go to https://neocortec.com/connectingthings/

NeoCortec is manufacturing some of the world’s smallest radio modules for battery powered sensor networks. Its patented NeoMesh communication protocol allows for ultra-low power consumption, cable-like reliability, and easy scalability with up to 65K nodes in one network.

Due to its unique routing protocol NeoMesh forms automatically and allows for node mobility. The system is plug-and-play: Attach an antenna, power on the small node and the protocol stack automatically forms an agile network without the need of a network manager to supervise the process.

In 2018, NeoMesh was nominated for the Embedded Awards at the Embedded World fair in Nuremberg.
31/1 2019
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