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Radiomodul med rækkevidde på op til 10km

Radiomodul med rækkevidde på op til 10km

Würth Elektronik lancerer Termisto-I radiomodul med lang rækkevidde, der er skræddersyet til brug i proprietære IIoT/M2M netværk (in english).

Würth Elektronik presents its new Themisto-I radio module. It features high output power and can attain ranges of up to 10 km. Proprietary network solutions for IIoT/M2M applications can be implemented in the shortest possible time using the slim module, the WE-ProWare firmware, and the SDK package. With its 915 MHz frequency band, as well as FCC and IC module certification - Themisto-I is ideally suited for the American market.

Measuring just 17 × 27 × 3.8 mm, the radio module has an RF output power of up to 25 dBm. With the appropriate broadband profiles and increased input sensitivity at the receiver, the radio range can be increased from 800 m to over 10 km. Themisto-I is fully compatible with the Telesto-III low-power version in terms of radio profile, pins and command interface. So, for example, it extends the options for setting up decentralized sensor networks.

With Themisto-I, Würth Elektronik completes its product family of proprietary radio modules. The Themisto-I and Telesto-III 915 MHz modules are the equivalent of the Thebe-II and Tarvos-III 868 MHz modules. All radio modules are available from stock. Würth Elektronik delivers the components with customer-specific firmware on request.
3/2 2020
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