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Samarbejde om integration af spydspids NFC-teknologi i produkter

Panthronics - der er en førende aktør inden for NFC controllere og chipsæts - har indgået samarbejde med AdvanIDe, der en global spiller inden for NFC, RFID og smart card komponenter (in english).

Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in high performance wireless technology, has signed a global partnership agreement with AdvanIDe, the world’s best-known specialist supplier of NFC, RFID and smart card components.

The deal enables users of Panthronics’ high-performance NFC reader ICs and NFC wireless charging controllers to draw on AdvanIDe’s deep knowledge of applications such as point-of-sale terminals, contactless payments and access control, and its design-in engineering support.

David Renno, Director of Marketing at Panthronics, explains:
- Panthronics is delighted to have formed a partnership with AdvanIDe, the leading name in the specialist NFC supply chain. Panthronics’ innovations in NFC controller architecture create opportunities for OEMs to dramatically improve system performance in challenging applications such as small, mobile payment terminals. The expertise and support which AdvanIDe provides to developers of NFC and RFID-based systems will help them take full advantage of the superior capabilities of Panthronics’ products.

AdvanIDe will provide a comprehensive engineering support, sales and supply-chain service to OEMs using Panthronics’ PTX100R NFC reader IC and PTX100W NFC wireless charging controller. Headquartered in Singapore, AdvanIDe serves customers around the world through its regional sales and engineering offices in China, India, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Russia.

Jason Hitipeuw, Segment Head for smart mobility, objects, consumers and secure infrastructure at AdvanIDe, adds:
- The Panthronics reader portfolio meets the NFC market’s need for performance, power savings, and security. By adding Panthronics to AdvanIDe’s world-class offering of NFC and RFID technology manufacturers, we can offer exciting new options for NFC communications and charging to our customers worldwide.

18/2 2021
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