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Sikre 'end-to-end' IoT-løsninger dedikeret til det europæiske marked

Murata og eSoftThings har samarbejdet om udvikling af IoT hardware og platformsløsninger, der er målrettet til de gældende regulativer på det europæiske marked (in english).

With the ongoing rise in demand for secure end-to-end IoT solutions designed for the European market and compliant with European regulations, Murata and eSoftThings have collaborated to deliver high-quality hardware and platform solutions.

These new solutions couple Murata’s advanced communications modules and sensor technologies with the eSoftLink IoT platform (which leverages AI to provide end users with predictive consumption information), providing a seamless private and secure IoT package. The result is an easy-to-deploy one stop solution to allow customers to start benefitting from the value-add of IoT in their operations.

Actively deployed for Direct Energie, a major European energy utility now integrated with Total, eSoftLink supports billions of messages a day and allows real time asset management, messaging and configuration. The system uses eSoftThings’ custom hardware – featuring Murata’s compact 1DX Wi-Fi module – to assure stable, low-power connectivity across all deployments.

- We wanted to provide our customers with a unique service option to enable constantly updated energy consumption information and innovative services, says Louis Duperry, Head of Innovation at Direct Energie.

- The eSoftLink solution, using advanced Murata communications technology, has allowed us to do precisely that. Our customers follow their consumption in real time, and are empowered to adapt their usage for environmental and economic reasons. Initial analysis shows that 60% of our customers utilising the solution have reduced their energy usage already. 

- Murata’s breadth of available hardware solutions, including connectivity modules and sensors, makes it the ideal partner to provide our customers, such as Direct Energie, with quality hardware IoT solutions adapted to their specific requirements, says Kimmo Vuorinen PhD, President of eSoftThings.

- Combined with Murata’s communication modules and sensor offerings, eSoftLink represents a straightforward, versatile solution to support customers implementing new IoT developments or retrofitting existing infrastructure, thereby realising the full power of the IoT. 

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28/2 2019
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