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Skyworks har sat fuld fart på den næste generation af Wi-Fi 6E

Skyworks er en absolut førende leverandør af komponenter, der adresserer eksisterende Wi-Fi standarder, og firmaet arbejder i Wi-Fi Alliance med at udvikle Wi-Fi 6E produkter, der opererer 5,925 til 7,125 GHz frekvensområdet (in english).

Skyworks Solutions has announced that it is supporting next generation wireless technologies set forth by Wi-Fi Alliance and developing advanced connectivity solutions designed to meet future requirements. Skyworks offers a family of solutions that address all existing Wi-Fi standards and is working in Wi-Fi Alliance to develop its Wi-Fi 6E products that operate in the 5.925 to 7.125 GHz frequency range.

As a result of increasing demand for high data applications such as streaming media/TV/audio, social media and smart home devices, there has been an initiative to open up additional frequency bands to complement the existing 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. This new spectrum is expected to be made available by regulators around the world and it represents an opportunity to deliver the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 coupled with increased bandwidth available in the new 6 GHz band.

- The 6 GHz band addresses the growing need for Wi-Fi spectrum capacity to ensure users continue to experience reliable and seamless connectivity. We are glad to see Wi-Fi Alliance members working closely in Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure that new products meet high standards for interoperability and security, says Kevin Robinson, SVP of Marketing, Wi-Fi Alliance.

- Skyworks is leveraging our expertise to produce connectivity solutions that address the insatiable demand for more data and the ever-evolving needs of the market, explains Dave Stasey, vice president and general manager of diversified analog solutions for Skyworks.

- We look forward to continuing our tradition of innovation and providing the highest performance solutions for our OEM customers which deliver maximum Wi-Fi range and speeds. 

In a new article published by RF Globalnet, Skyworks’ experts explain the 6 GHz band, along with its uses and benefits. With decades of experience developing cutting-edge technologies for successive wireless standards, Skyworks works in partnership with members of the Wi-Fi Alliance and provides guidance on FCC proceedings regarding upcoming protocols.
13/2 2020
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