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Sømløs kobling af Ethernet og RS-485 devices

Sømløs kobling af Ethernet og RS-485 devices

En ny LON HD-PLC bridge baner vejen for at operere med hastigheder i megabit området over adskillige kilometer af powerlines i den næste generation af LonMark applikationer (in english).

MegaChips Corporation and Gesytec GmbH showcased the world's first LON HD-PLC bridge for Smart City and Smart Building applications in LonMark International's booth. Built to seamlessly couple Ethernet and RS-485 devices, Gesytec's LON HD-PLC bridge enables system designers and integrators to upgrade to higher speeds, longer ranges, more nodes, and more advanced feature-sets over their existing wiring infrastructure with minimum cost.

 In 2017, LonMark International adopted HD-PLC as the new channel standard for high-speed wireline networks. Based on the IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905 international standards, HD-PLC combines IP-based broadband communication with an innovative multi-hop technology to reliably achieve megabit data rates over several kilometers of cabling (AC/DC powerlines, twisted-pair, coax, etc.). It supports up to 1024 nodes and is packed with innovations such as free topology, mesh networking with dynamic traffic routing, and crypt

o-strong AES-128 encryption.

Gesytec's LON HD-PLC bridge is offered in a DIN rail module optimized for building and industrial automation applications. Capable of acting as an HD-PLC master or terminal for HD-PLC, as well as master for the upcoming CNP-HD-PLC standard EN 14908-8 or ANSI / CTA 709.8., the LON HD-PLC bridge can be paired with a Gesytec Easylon Router Plus to connect an HD-PLC network with a standard LON network using TP/FT-10 or LON/IP.

At the heart of Gesytec's LON HD-PLC bridge is a MegaChips BlueChip HD-PLC System-on-Chip (MLKHN1501) with Multi-hop technology. The SoC combines MegaChips' state-of-the-art Analog-Front-End, PHY/MAC, and memory into a single package to deliver fast, bidirectional, IP-based communication over any wire. Fully compliant with IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905, the HD-PLC SoC has been successfully deployed in various applications around the world such as in energy management, street lighting, and building automation and many more.

- With Gesytec's LON HD-PLC bridge, powered by MegaChips proven technology, system integrators finally have a solution to the range limitations of Ethernet, and the data rate limitations of RS-485. It eliminates the need for costly gateways, additional Ethernet wiring, and complexities associated with RS485 grounding, says Michael Navid, VP Marketing and Business Development at MegaChips. 

21/1 2019
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