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Stand-alone 5G service benytter som det første 700MHz frekvensbåndet

Nokia og australske TPG Telecom åbner første live 5G standalone service, der gennem brug af 700MHz frekvensbåndet bl.a. tilbyder meget lang rækkevidde (in english).

Nokia and TPG Telecom has announced that they have switched on a live 5G standalone (SA) network in Australia on the 700MHz spectrum band – the first time this has happened in the world.

Low band 5G coverage at 700MHz, which isthe lowest 5G frequency band deployed in Australia with the largest range, will enable TPGTelecom to provide wide outdoor 5G services, as well as deep indoor 5G coverage in urban and suburban areas to its customers.

Under the partnership, Nokia issupplyingequipment from its latest ReefShark based AirScale product range including its unique triple band remote radio unit that supports 700, 850 and 900MHz bands. The unit also supports 3G, 4G and 5G simultaneously across allTPG Telecom’s low-band frequencies.TPG Telecom’s 5G SA service is now successfully activated in parts of Sydney and this means that the operator’s customers will benefit from having 5G available in more places.

Low band 5G goes further outdoor and deeper into buildingsthan existing 5G deployments and will allow operators like TPGTelecom to bring 5G to even more customers.

Barry Kezik, Executive General ManagerMobile and Fixed Networks at TPG Telecom, explains:
- We’re excited to be the first network in the world to realise the true potential of low band5G SA at 700MHz. TPG Telecom’s low band 5G will expand our 5G coverage, supporting our goal of reaching 85% of the population in Australia’s top six cities by the end of the year and changing the way people and things connect to the TPG Telecom5G network.

Dr Robert Joyce, Chief Technology Officer at Nokia Oceanian, adds:
- Nokia is proud to support another 5G world first. We have a long-standing partnership with TPG Telecom,and we have jointly developed our unique triple band radio solutionspecifically for them.Today weget to see the result of that joint effort and collaboration which will deliverpremium wide area 5G SA coverage for TPG Telecom and its customers.

5/7 2021
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