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Trident IoT lancerer ny Zigbee Chip med tilknyttet SDK

Trident IoT har løftet sløret for nye ZigBee chip, som understøttes af et ligeledes nyt udviklerfokuseret softwareudviklingskit (in english).

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Trident IoT, an RF technology and engineering company focused on decreasing time-to-market for connected device manufacturers, has announced the upcoming release of its new Zigbee chip and accompanying Software Development Kit (SDK).

The latest offering represents the next step forward in Trident IoT’s strategy to provide comprehensive IoT solutions that simplify IoT development. While the chip itself incorporates the latest silicon technology, what sets this apart is the developer-focused SDK designed by product engineers who have collectively developed and shipped millions of IoT products. This announcement further underscores Trident IoT’s commitment to IoT development by expanding its product portfolio to now include both Zigbee and Z-Wave offerings.

- Designed by product engineers for product engineers, our latest Zigbee chip and accompanying SDK has been purpose-built to make IoT development faster, easier, and more efficient. With this new offering, Trident IoT customers can expect more predictable development cycles, faster time to revenue and simply better products, says Mariusz Malkowski, CTO and co-founder of Trident IoT

Since the official company incorporation announcement less than one year ago, Trident IoT has more than doubled engineering resources. Trident IoT has amassed some of the industry’s foremost experts on wireless connectivity, across all protocols including Zigbee, Z-Wave, Matter, and more. The latest offering has been designed from the ground up by the Trident IoT engineering team backed by over a century of collective end-to-end product development experience to ensure it meets the real-world needs of today’s developers.

Trident IoT engineers was on-site at the at the Connectivity Standards Alliance (Alliance) Member Meeting presently recently held in Washington, DC. to demonstrate this new technology live.

The three pillars of Trident IoT include advanced silicon offerings, best-in-class design and development services and US-based accredited certification services. To provide enhanced support and services to manufacturers within the industry, Trident IoT is in the process of becoming an Alliance authorized test lab.

- We are excited to have Trident IoT in attendance at this year’s Alliance Member Meeting where they will showcase and demo their newest technology offerings, says Chris LaPré, Head of Technology, Connectivity Standards Alliance.

- The pending confirmation of Trident IoT as an authorized test lab is significant as it further strengthens the Alliance’s commitment to support our members bringing compliant and certified devices to market both efficiently and effectively.

Trident IoT aims to have the Zigbee solution ready for full deployment by Q1 2025, with alpha testing and select customer previews planned over the next six months. Visit tridentiot.com to learn more about Trident IoT design, consultation, and silicon offerings.

About Trident IoT

Trident IoT is a technology and engineering company focused on simplifying RF development, increasing product success rates, and decreasing time-to-market for connected device manufacturers. Founded by a team of IoT veterans with over a century of industry knowledge,

Trident IoT is aimed at making connected devices work as intended. With an initial focus on companies manufacturing Z-Wave devices, Trident IoT seeks to expand and build new relationships through a human connection at every level, including certification and market knowledge.

3/7 2024