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Verdens første Wise-kompatible RF-modul

Verdens første Wise-kompatible RF-modul

Radiocrafts har præsenteret industriens første RF modul, der kompatibel med den nye Wireless M-Bus baserede kommunikationsstandard kaldet Wize (in english).

Radiocrafts AS, a leading provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions, announced a new RF module that is compliant to the new Wize protocol as specified by the Wize Alliance based on Wireless M-Bus. The RC1701HP-WIZE module provides the complete communication protocol for the new LPWAN solution operating at 169 MHz.

The Wize radio protocol is a new industry initiative for Industrial IoT to meet the challenge of large area coverage while connecting 'hard-to-reach' devices where a good line-of-sight cannot be established. To achieve this goal the network is based on 169 MHz carrier frequency, a much lower frequency than used in other LPWAN networks, combined with true narrowband technology.

- Radiocrafts has been a pioneer in radio modules operating at 169 MHz, and was a key contributor when it was standardized in Wireless M-Bus. Radiocrafts joined the Wize Alliance as one of the first members, and is now happy to be the first company announcing an off-the-shelf Wize radio module, says Peder Martin Evjen, Managing Director at Radiocrafts.

169 MHz has a significant advantage compared to other license-free bands using higher frequencies. The physical properties of the lower operating frequency ensures the radio waves reach further, and also have better penetration in buildings and 'hard-to-reach' places. The RC1701HP-WIZE has a range of more than 5 km LOS (Line of Sight), and a coverage radius of 1-2 km even in dense urban areas.

- We have always believed in the 169 MHz technology and always been part of developing products targeting this market, says Anders Oldebäck, Sales and Marketing Director at Radiocrafts.
- We see the introduction of 169 MHz as a LPWAN technology as a major initiative to make LPWAN more robust and reliable solution also for industrial applications.”

Radiocrafts is leading provider of Wireless M-Bus modules, taking active part in the development of the Wireless M-Bus standard in CEN, in OMS, and in the Wize Alliance. Radiocrafts has millions of RF modules in the field, used in utility metering and industrial applications.

The new RC1701HP-WIZE is a compact surface-mount module which measure only
12.7 x 25.4 mm, and delivered in tape and reel packaging. Samples and Developments Kits are available in 2018Q4.
18/10 2018
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