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Future Electronics udvider med Maxim i Europa

Maxim har udvidet en eksisterende distributionsaftale med Future Electronics til nu også at omfatte hele EMEA-regionen (in english).

Future Electronics has agreed to an extension of its franchise sales agreement with Maxim Integrated Products,  enabling it to provide its technical sales and supply chain services in support of Maxim Integrated products worldwide.

The extension of the franchise to EMEA (excluding Israel) was part of a planned natural progression by Maxim Integrated to make Future Electronics a global supplier of its broad portfolio of power and analogue products. The franchise roll-out has been implemented in steps, starting with the Americas franchise in 2016, followed by an extension to cover Asia in 2018.  The new extension into the EMEA region is effective from 1st January 2021.

The leading position which Maxim Integrated enjoys in many sectors of the analogue and power semiconductor market complements Future Electronics’ strength in its core industrial, automotive, consumer, lighting, medical, and IoT markets. Manufacturers in these markets benefit from Future Electronics’ Complete Solution Design approach - a business model which draws on expertise and support to deliver outcomes in the analogue and power domains such as reducing energy consumption, implementing new sensing capabilities, or improving the signal integrity and data rate of communications interfaces.

Patrick Moore, managing director, Worldwide SMB Sales & Distribution of Maxim Integrated, explains:
- Future Electronics is playing an important role on the world stage by supporting design engineers on their journey through solution discovery, evaluation and adoption. Adding Future Electronics to our distribution network in EMEA provides complementary value to our strong existing channel and increases the product and supply chain support available to our customers throughout the region.
Karim Yasmine, corporate vice president of strategic supplier development of Future Electronics, adds:
- Future Electronics’ guiding principle is to Delight the Customer with best-in-class products and solutions, as well as a renowned portfolio of engineering, design support and logistics services. We are proud that Maxim Integrated has recognized the strength of the Future Electronics offering by completing the extension of its franchise to give us global coverage of its outstanding portfolio of products.
4/1 2021
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