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Arrow holder virtuel event med fokus på Industry 4.0 løsninger

Arrow holder virtuel event med fokus på Industry 4.0 løsninger

Arrow’s 'World of Industry 4.0' , hvor der fokuseres på industrielle IoT (IIoT) løsninger, afholdes som virtuel event den 1. - 2. oktober (in english).

Arrow Electronics has announced that it will be hosting a virtual event focused on smart industry and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Arrow’s World of Industry 4.0, on 1-2 October 2020, where it will make a wealth of technical and commercial expertise available to attendees.

A number of leading electronics suppliers will participate alongside Arrow, hosting webinars and individual discussions, as well as individual consultations, which can be scheduled using an online collaboration tool that helps identify the appropriate person to speak to by using filters for categories including expertise, language and supplier represented. Participants can choose between live web chat, audio and video calls as their preferred medium.

World of Industry 4.0 focus areas will include condition-based monitoring, factory automation and robotics, motion control, functional safety, industrial connectivity, data analysis, instrumentation, human-machine interfaces, and interactive video analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI).

There will be an extensive selection of live and on-demand webinars involving both high-level explanations and advice and recommendations on product-specific solutions. Among the topics to be covered are time-sensitive networking for industrial automation; implementing Ethernet connectivity across new and legacy systems; design considerations for the use of low power cellular technology in industrial systems; secure asset tracking solutions; the expansion of AI on the Edge; and deploying sensors for predictive maintenance.

Full details on the event and the registration portal:
10/9 2020
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