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Arrow udvider med IoT-acceleratorer

Arrow udvider med IoT-acceleratorer

Arrow Electronics har indgået distributionssamarbejde med det italienske firma RushUP (in english).

Dette er en prøve. Arrow Electronics has signed an agreement with Italian company RushUp to distribute its IoT product accelerators throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). RushUp’s product accelerators enable small-to-medium size enterprises, developers and makers to get their product from idea to prototype and then straight into production using the same proven, underlying hardware and firmware.

This helps to overcome many of the time, qualification and cost barriers faced by companies who are targeting high-mix and low-volume applications and cannot justify the expense of one-off industrialisation and validation for each product variant.

The RushUp portfolio consists of the KITRA and JAM product families, which utilise semiconductor technology from Samsung and STMicroelectronics, respectively.

There are three KITRA products based on Samsung’s ARTIK IoT platform. These can form the basis of a wide variety of end nodes and gateways, offering a choice of ARM Cortex processors, wired and wireless interfaces including Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRa, Sigfox and Bluetooth, MEMS sensors in an all-in-one small form factor, and supporting operating system and cloud interface software.

The JAM family of boards includes Cloud-JAM and Cloud-JAM L4, which are the production-grade versions of the STM32 Nucleo function packs made up of STM32 Nucleo boards, sensors shield, NFC shield and Wi-Fi shield. JAM boards are plug-and-play with the Nucleo development and expansion board system, which means that customers that have built a prototype with the STM32 ODE system can easily go to market with the product accelerator.

6/12 2017
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