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Digi-Key indgår global distributionsaftale med ACEINNAACEINNA'S OpenIMU300RI inertial measurement unit.

Digi-Key indgår global distributionsaftale med ACEINNA

Digi-Key annoncerer globalt dækkende distributionspartnerskab med ACEINNA, der leverer løsninger og produkter inden for sensorer, power management samt autonome køretøjer (in english).

Digi-Key has announced that it has expanded its Marketplace product portfolio by signing a global distribution partnership with ACEINNA, providing Digi-Key customers with a wide range of solutions and products in the sensor, autonomous vehicle guidance and power management spaces. This expansion is part of Digi-Key's Marketplace initiative, broadening the world's largest selection of electronic components and making Digi-Key more of a one-stop-shop than ever before.

Digi-Key will be handling distribution for the full range of ACEINNA products, including RTK, INS, Tilt, and IMU solutions, as well as for current sensing products used for power supply and management in data centers, server farms, electric vehicles and trucks, large industrial machines, and commercial appliances.

- We're excited to be a distribution partner with ACEINNA and be able to offer their award-winning sensing technologies to our customers, says David Stein, vice president, global supplier management at Digi-Key.
- ACEINNA's latest generation of IMUs feature a triple-redundant architecture, all wrapped in small, low-cost packaging that, when combined, meet the challenging performance, reliability and cost requirements of the robotic and autonomous market.

ACEINNA's integrated, AMR-based isolated Current Sensor family represents a single chip solution with one of the industry's highest bandwidths, fastest response times and highest accuracy, making it ideal for high power conversions including those using fast switching wide bandgap Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power switches. With the addition of ACEINNA's products to Digi-Key's Marketplace, Digi-Key customers can access more sensing solutions than ever before.

- By selecting Digi-Key, the leading source for electronics parts and components, as our key distributor partner, it will be much easier for developers and engineers worldwide to quickly receive access to the full breadth of ACEINNA's components and products, says Dr. Yang Zhao, CEO at ACEINNA.

For more information about ACEINNA and to order from their product portfolio visit the Digi-Key website.

26/10 2020
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