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Digi-Key lancerer værktøj til MTBF-beregninger

Digi-Key lancerer værktøj til MTBF-beregninger

Digi-Key Electronics og BQR Reliability Engineering har samarbejdet omkring et simpelt, men alligevel kraftfuldt værktøj til beregning af 'Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)'.

Digi-Key Electronics and BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd, a worldwide leader of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering solutions, present a collaboration to deliver a simple yet powerful Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) calculator to support Digi-Key's global customers.

Digi-Key has undertaken this venture to enable efficient and cost-effective use of BQR's software solution in a SaaS mode to evaluate products' Bill of Materials (BOM) MTBF.

- The new BOM MTBF application will enable Digi-Key customers to easily compare different BOMs MTBF, making sure the design meets the reliability goal early in the design process, before manufacturing, says Yizhak Bot, Founder and CTO of BQR Reliability Engineering.

- With Pareto reports showing the most unreliable components, it will ensure the selection of components that balance reliability and cost. It will also provide measures for warranty analysis, design reviews, tenders, product data sheets, and design trade-offs. 

This tool makes it easy and quick to calculate MTBF for BOMs of any size. All one needs to do is export the BOM file and click on 'Launch Calculator' on the Digi-Key website and see the magic happen immediately.

The online application includes a library smart data auto-complete for BOM components using AI, fast calculation engine, and detailed Pareto and graphic reports. This calculator is not only easy to use, but also 100% secure where the components library and results are saved on the user's desktop (not on BQR server).

Users can also conduct quick 'What If' analyses, checking how a components quality level will increase the product MTBF.

- Digi-Key is excited to launch this new MTBF calculator which enables customers to see the component dependencies that their circuits are relying on and helps them determine the best mix of parts to use. Digi-Key and BQR want to make it fast and easy for customers to achieve their design and end-product goals, says Randall Restle, VP, Applications Engineering at Digi-Key.

To launch the calculator visit the Digi-Key website.

BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd has performed more than 3000 projects for global customers in various industries and gained much knowledge on how electronic systems operate and fail. This drove BQR to develop unique technologies such as the fiXtress, which conducts Automated Design Review improving products robustness and reliability.

The fiXtress is a plug-in module for E-CAD systems allowing engineers to detect hidden design error in schematics by simulation rather than in testing. The design errors/aspects that fiXtress covers are functional, electrical over stress, thermal, safety, testability and redundancy.

In addition, BQR developed the CARE (Computer Aided Reliability Engineering) and the apmOptimizer performing Predictive Maintenance optimization based on sensors readout and AI (Artificial Intelligence), reducing downtime and increasing manufacturing capabilities and assets owner's profit.
1/4 2019
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