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Digi-Key udbygger med nye faciliteter i liste management-system

Digi-Key udbygger med nye faciliteter i liste management-system

Digi-Key Electronics har lanceret et udbygget listehåndteringssystem, myLists, der kan strømline kundernes BOM Manager samt PANDA (pris og tilgængelighed) og favorit funktioner i én praktisk løsning (in english).

Digi-Key Electronics has launched a consolidated list management system, myLists, to streamline customers' BOM Manager, Price and Availability (PANDA), and Favorites into one convenient solution. The tool also offers enhanced functionality and new features. Digi-Key is introducing myLists to make it easier for customers to manage their lists all in one place

In addition to providing greater convenience, myLists has more than 15 new features to benefit Digi-Key customers. Among the most notable new features are an attrition calculator to plan for overages that account for parts lost or damaged during manufacturing, the ability to upload up to 1,000 line items per list, options for customizing the list view, and alternatives suggested in-line for parts when available.

Additional new features also include:
- The ability to organize column order and data and download it in a file
- Differentiating lists and those shared with the user into two views
- Adding tags to assist with list management
- Requesting pricing on six different quantities per part
- The ability to save your list as a guest customer who has created a list
- Updating filter options available on the parts list
- Defining list preferences for part packaging: CT/TR or DKR/TR
- Setting list preferences to manage quantities that do not meet purchasing requirements
- Having access to new data available such as ECCN, HTSUS, Country of Origin and links to environmental information
- The ability to add a note on a part
- Moving a part's position on the list up and down or to a specific row

Digi-Key customers can use myLists as a guest, but will have access to the enhanced features only if they are registered users.

- myLists is really 'one tool to rule all other list management tools'. It allows our customers to manage all of their lists (Bill of Materials, Favorites etc.,) in one place and provides greater overall efficiency. This is just one way we're making it easier for engineers around the world to do business with Digi-Key, says Ramesh Babu, CIO and vice president of information technology at Digi-Key. 

To learn more and start using myLists visit Digi-Key's website.

21/6 2021
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