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Digi-Key's MyLists værktøj understøtter nu pris-qoutesDigi-Key Electronics has introduced enhanced features to its myLists tool to include quotes for more efficient ordering.

Digi-Key's MyLists værktøj understøtter nu pris-qoutes

Digi-Key annoncerer, at det via det såkaldte myLists værktøj nu er muligt at få pris-quotes og dermed effektivisere ordregivningen (in english).

Digi-Key Electronics has announced that it has enhanced its myLists tool to now include price quotes to improve ordering efficiency.

myLists is a modern parts list management tool that consolidates bills of materials (BOMs), price and availability lists, and quotes. This new quote integration allows users to efficiently upload lists of up to 1,000 parts to check stock, instantly secure pricing for 30 days, collaborate with colleagues and place orders all in one place.

The new features include:

- Increased functionality with a modern, easy-to-use interface to convert lists to quotes
- Ability to set preferences for preferred package types
- Option to duplicate an expired quote to update pricing
- Capability to quote 6 quantities per part number
- And more!

- We are excited to introduce a unified list experience for Digi-Key’s myLists users, says Linda Johnson, executive vice president of operations at Digi-Key.
- Digi-Key customers can now work smarter, not harder, by using myLists’ quoting functionality to keep everything in one convenient location, create multiple quotes from one list of parts and easily convert quotes to online orders. This enhancement is just one of the many ways Digi-Key is continually improving the customer experience.

Registered Digi-Key users can access myLists and create quotes by visiting

8/6 2022
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