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Farnell sætter ny omsætningsrekord

Farnell sætter ny omsætningsrekord

Farnell - der er en del af Avnet-koncernen - rapporterer om rekordhøjt salg på 1,8 mia. dollars i det seneste regnskabsår (in english).

Avnet, Inc. has announced results for its fourth quarter ending 2 July 2022, reporting a robust quarter of year-over-year sales and operating margin growth. The results were strengthened by a record-setting fiscal year revenue from Farnell totalling $1.8 billion.

Farnell's strong performance, with full year revenue increasing 20.2% year-over-year, was the result of notable increases in demand from the electronics, energy, security and transportation sectors.

Farnell reported fourth quarter revenues of $442 million and an operating income margin of 14.2%, which was an increase of 597 basis points year-over-year.

Farnell's ongoing investment in stock had a positive impact with more than 18,000 new products added in the fourth quarter alone. Farnell's expansive inventory remains a key factor in its success and is a key priority for the Avnet group. Farnell was central to Avnet's solid operating margin of 4.5% in the quarter.

Rob Rospedzihowski, President Sales, EMEA, Farnell explains:
- We are pleased with this strong performance, particularly given that it was achieved
amidst ongoing market uncertainties, supply chain challenges and increased lead times associated with high customer demand. We expect to build upon this momentum as we continue to make investments in our inventory, digital marketing and our e-commerce platform.

Farnell's commitment to enhancing customer experience on its e-commerce platform continues to yield substantive results. Nearly 56% of Farnell's total sales and 72% of total orders transacted were placed through the company's e-commerce platform this quarter.

22/9 2022
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