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G-Shock ur med integreret hjerterytme monitor og GPS er baseret på unik Renesas-controller

G-Shock ur med integreret hjerterytme monitor og GPS er baseret på unik Renesas-controller

Renesas annoncerer, at firmaets RE familie af controllere, der er baseret på den unikke SOTB-teknologi, benyttes som controllerplatform i Casio's nye G-SHOCK ur med med integreret hjerterytme-monitor og GPS-funktionalitet (in english).

Renesas Electronics has announced that Casio Computer has adopted a Renesas ultra-low power consumption RE Family controller as the main controller of the new Casio G-SHOCK watch GBD-H1000 with heart rate monitor and GPS functionality, unveiled on February 26, 2020.

The GBD-H1000 is a new addition to Casio G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches that is equipped with: an optical sensor that measures heart rate by detecting changes in the blood flow under the skin; a triple sensor that measures compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude, and temperature; and an acceleration sensor that measures step count and distance traveled, in addition to GPS functionality that acquires location information.

The Renesas ultra-low power RE Family controller implements high-load internal watch processing while consuming very little power. This makes it possible to build user-friendly watches that offer an array of functions while requiring only solar power for charging during daily use.

The RE Family controller employed in the new watch utilizes Renesas' exclusive SOTB process technology to achieve industry-leading ultra-low power consumption levels in both operating and sleep modes. Renesas and Casio worked together from the development stage of the GBD-H1000 watch onward to achieve both multifunctionality and low power consumption.

 -The development of GBD-H1000 necessitated technical innovation to achieve processing performance that went beyond a mere linear extension of the capabilities of previous processors, says Yuichi Masuda, Senior Executive Managing Officer, Senior General Manager of Product Development Headquarters, Senior General Manager of Timepiece Business Unit, Business Strategy Headquarters at Casio.

- We selected Renesas' SOTB technology for its superior results in terms of both performance and power efficiency. I am deeply grateful for the tremendous contribution of the Renesas RE Family to the functional advances of the GBD-H1000. 

- I am honored that Casio has adopted the Renesas RE Family as the main controller for their new G-SHOCK watch, says Hiroto Nitta, Senior Vice President, Head of SoC Business, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas.

- I am deeply impressed by Casio's commitment and passion to develop something that has never been achieved before, and I am delighted that together, we were able to break through the technical hurdles to extend the multifunctionality of G-SHOCK. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with Casio in pursuit of further technological innovation in future and to working together on the development of new products that will enrich people's lives.

Moving forward, Renesas will continue to focus on the development of ultra low-power consumption controllers built around SOTB technology to help realize a smart society prioritizing human prosperity and the environment.
19/3 2020
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