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METZ CONNECT hædrer Digi-Key

METZ CONNECT hædrer Digi-Key

Digi-Key Electronics er af METZ Connect blevet udnævnt som 'Distributor of the Year' for 2020 (in english).

Digi-Key Electronics has been recognized with the Distributor of the Year award for 2020 from METZ CONNECT, a manufacturer of high-quality products that bring communication capability from the PCB to the infrastructure environment.

METZ CONNECT presented this award to Digi-Key due to its strong commitment to a model of growth and partnership that has resulted in extending the brand with global exposure for METZ CONNECT’s diverse product mix. Digi-Key’s tremendous investment in inventory, coupled with its web presence and ease of customer interaction, are ideal factors that bring success to suppliers each and every year.

- We deeply thank METZ CONNECT for this Distributor of the Year honor, says David Stein, vice president of global supplier management for Digi-Key.
- We are proud to partner with METZ CONNECT to serve customers in electronic device manufacturing, structured cabling networks and building automation around the world. Their experience and innovation have always inspired the markets, and our customers are deeply appreciative of their high standards and quality.

- ETZ CONNECT is honored to present Digi-Key the 2020 Distributor of the Year Award, says Hugh Daly, vice president of sales & marketing for METZ CONNECT.
- They have added an entirely new dimension to our business in exposing products globally to such a broad cross-section of new customers across many different industries. We are thrilled to be a partner with Digi-Key, and we all look forward to reaching many new milestones together in the years ahead.

For more information, or to order from Digi-Key’s full line of METZ CONNECT products visit Digi-Key’s website.

13/10 2021
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