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Molex og Mouser genererer ny 'content' om RF-konnektorer til bl.a. smarte landbrug

Molex og Mouser genererer ny 'content' om RF-konnektorer til bl.a. smarte landbrug

Molex og Mouser er gået sammen om at udvikle nyt dedikeret 'content', der fokuserer på brugen af RF-konnektorer inden for f.eks. landbrugsektoren, hvor maskiner og udstyr i stigende omfang bliver koblet sammen (in english).

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Mouser Electronics announces the launch of a new content stream in collaboration with Molex, exploring the capabilities, challenges, and transformative potential of RF connectors. The content stream features more than a dozen in-depth resources on RF technology, including podcast episodes, white papers, blog posts, and product guides.

Each piece of content links directly to product information from Mouser and Molex, connecting device manufacturers to the tools they need for their design applications. The new RF Connectors content stream from Molex and Mouser features 'The Power of Smart Agriculture & the Role of RF Technology', a new podcast episode putting technological advancements in the context of agriculture’s significant role in society.

The episode features a conversation between Darren Schauer, Product Manager of RF and Microwave Products at Molex, and David Pike, Content Director at Connector Geek. The two subject matter experts describe the potential applications of RF connectors in smart agriculture, including the dramatic expansion of information and data through connected machinery and sensors.

Cracking the Rural Access Nut: Is 5G the Answer?, a blog post from Molex Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Roger Kaufmann, explains how 5G radio frequencies can bring reliable connectivity to previously unserved rural areas.

The blog post links to 5G technologies from Molex, including RF flex-to-board connectors, Ethernet transceivers, and cellular external antennas. The new RF Connectors content stream also includes a Smart AG White Paper, which analyses the newest applications in smart agriculture, as well as the technology advancements making them possible.

The white paper explores a range of relevant topics, including precision agriculture, vision and sensor technology, and smart greenhouse applications. From Design Chain to Supply Chain, Mouser offers customers a wide selection of the most advanced technology, including a comprehensive lineup of Molex products, helping designers avoid costly redesigns, manufacturing delays or even project terminations.
13/9 2022
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