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Stadig fuld fart på det europæiske chipmarked

Stadig fuld fart på det europæiske chipmarked

Ifølge DMASS-organisationen så er der fortsat vækst på det europæiske halvledermarked, hvor specielt det skandinaviske marked har markeret sig stærkt her i starten af året (in english)

Two record years in a row, with 2018 displaying signs of severe allocation, made distribution hungry for more. And at least in Q1/CY19 the appetite was satisfied. European semiconductor distribution sales grew by 8.4% to 2.5 Billion Euro, an all-time record. 

Georg Steinberger, chairman of DMASS explains:
- Amazing that our industry could deliver another record, after eight quarters solidly above 2 Billion Euro of consolidated sales. We recognize the fact that much of the current growth is driven from a solid backlog and expect the growth to come down through the year, as many members see the booking situation weakening as we speak.

At country and region level, the growth in Q1 was uneven throughout states and regions. While the major countries (UK, Germany, France and Italy) barely scratched the average growth, some countries in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe literally exploded in double-digit increase. Germany grew by 5.1% to 742 Million Euro, Italy shrank by 1.4% to 219 Million Euro, France grew by 8% to 172 Million Euro, UK (without Ireland) by 5.9% to 159 Million Euro, Eastern Europe by 10% to 407 Million Euro and Scandinavia by 32% to 250 Million Euro. 

Georg Steinberger:
- The numbers show some unusual effects in various countries with a significant contract manufacturing business, but in general it looks like the major economies are taking the lion’s share of the current slowdown effects. If this is a trend for the rest of the year remains to be seen. 

Product-wise, the major growth came in selective product areas like Discretes, Power, Sensors, Memories and Other Logic, but not across all countries. The closest to a reasonable interpretation is that Opto struggled, Analog stuck close to the average and specifically Memories, Discretes and Sensors drove double-digit increases.

Analog products grew 10.5% to 739 Million Euro, MOS Micro shrank 0.1% to 478 Million Euros, Power grew 11.7% to 278 Million Euros, Memories (+15.8% to 227 Million Euro) overtook Opto (1.5% to 220 Million Euro), Programmable Logic grew 5.8% to 166 Million Euro and Other Logic by 23% to 138 Million Euro.

Georg Steinberger says:
- The outstanding growth in some product areas was clearly driven by the development in certain countries. Overall, the two major trends identifiable this quarter were the weakness in Optoelectronics and the technology shift in Microcontrollers to higher-level architectures. We expect some levelling during the next quarters, but it is obvious that certain products become sexier while others turn into legacy.
12/6 2019
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