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DigiKey klar med sæson fire i videoserie om digitalisering af byerDigiKey launched Season 4 of its City Digital video series centered on AI in smart cities.

DigiKey klar med sæson fire i videoserie om digitalisering af byer

Den nye sæson fire i DigiKey's 'City Digital' videoserie - der består af tre afsnit - vil fokusere på forskellige aspekter i brugen af kunstig intelligens (in english).

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DigiKey has announced the release of Season 4 of the City Digital video series, 'AI in the Smart World', sponsored by Molex and STMicroelectronics. The new season of the three-episode series will explore different aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) integration, from infrastructure and transportation to environmental monitoring and public services.

Season 4 also highlights AI and the transformative role it plays in shaping modern cities. Today’s hardware and software innovations will power the integration of AI into tomorrow’s urban fabric, with an aim to enhance efficiency, sustainability and quality of life.

- The use cases of AI in smart cities are just starting to scratch the surface and will play a crucial role in creating smarter, more sustainable and livable cities. Our partnership with suppliers like Molex and STMicroelectronics provides engineers and designers with access to the newest technologies and components to build the devices and systems that will propel smart cities into the future, says Josh Mickolio, technology business development manager for DigiKey. 

- We are excited to be participating in this exceptional video series once again, adds Fred Bell, VP of global distribution at Molex.

- AI is transforming the world, and this first episode provides great insight into how this impacts infrastructure, as well as providing an ideal platform to showcase the work that Molex is doing in this space.

- STMicroelectronics cultivates a full-fledged ecosystem that empowers every aspect of the edge, from the precision of our sensors, microcontrollers and microprocessors to developers’ support through comprehensive software tools, says Louis Gobin, product marketing engineer at STMicroelectronics.

- We enable smarter, more efficient and highly responsive environments, bringing intelligence to the very edge and enabling the creation of seamless edge AI applications. This commitment positions ST at the forefront of the industry, driving the future where edge AI is not just a possibility, but a tangible reality enhancing everyday experiences.

The first of three videos in the series, 'The Intelligent Backbone', examines the crucial role of AI in modernizing urban infrastructure. From smart buildings equipped with AI-driven energy systems to the deployment of intelligent traffic control and the use of AI in monitoring critical infrastructure, this episode reveals how AI is becoming the backbone of efficient and sustainable urban living.

The second video, 'On the Move', will explore how AI is revolutionizing the way people and goods move through their environments. Advancements in autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management systems and AI-powered public transit demonstrate how these technologies can make transportation safer, faster and more environmentally friendly.

The third and final video, 'The Responsive City', will explore AI's role in enhancing public services and environmental monitoring. It covers AI’s potential influence on waste management, predictive maintenance of public utilities, and the ability to monitor and respond to environmental changes. The episode also highlights how AI will help in creating more responsive and adaptive urban environments.

To learn more about the video series 'AI in the Smart World' and how DigiKey is supporting the rapidly changing smart city sector visit the DigiKey website.

1/7 2024
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